Welcome to CACTUS

CACTUS (Community ACTion Ukrainian Style) is an international English language program aimed at promoting civic society development in the next generation of young leaders in Ukraine. It is based in the city of Ternopil in western Ukraine and welcomes participants from all over the country. CACTUS is run by a team of Ukrainian and international youth and community leaders.


CACTUS is a cyclical program that takes place each year. In the summer, participants aged 15--18 from all over Ukraine gather in Ternopil for a forum on community development and youth leadership. During this time, the participants fully create and plan a small community project. After the forum, participants use their newly acquired skills to implement these projects in their local communities.

We believe that by fostering leadership and civic responsibility, as well as providing the skills to make a change, participants are empowered to carry out their own community initiatives. Through this network of active and engaged young Ukrainians, we can help create a generation of responsible leaders.